The Reason Why D.C. Views are Unmatched

One of the things that makes Washington D.C. unique and keeps our city special is the absence of looming skyscrapers cluttering its skyline. From any rooftop perch, Washingtonians may enjoy an unobstructed view of D.C.’s iconic US Capitol dome and Washington Monument

Historians will refer to 1899 when Congress passed the Heights of Buildings Act, later amended to the Building Height Act of 1910, which prohibits buildings from stretching above 130 feet.

Interestly, the Act  was not part of a carefully thought out plan but rather a reaction to the construction of a 164 foot apartment building called The Cairo. Designed in 1894 by architect Thomas Franklin Schneider, The Cairo Building is an Egyptian themed residential building with Moorish and Romanesque details. 

Luxury aside, D.C. residents were appalled by the structure and immediately voiced concerns over depreciating property values, shuttering of light and air and the risk of firefighters unable to reach higher floors.

As a result, Washington’s wide tree lined streets full of air and light make it one of the country’s most livable cities. Don’t take our word for it, though- let the views from the rooftop deck of our property at 1216 I Street speak for itself!