Discover Columbia Heights, DC 

Back in the 19th century, Columbia Heights was part of the village of Mount Pleasant, right outside the city borders of Washington. Even though the city limits were extended in 1871, you couldn’t exactly call Columbia Heights an urban neighborhood. Having never fully recovered from the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. 1968, Columbia Heights regained its vitality only in late 1990s.

The Rapid Development

After the opening of a metro station in 1999, investments and massive plans for development were underway, and now Columbia Heights is hustling and bustling, with busy stores and hordes of pedestrians filling the area with energy and excitement. Since 2001, over 3,780 residential units have been renovated or built anew as a means of facilitating neighborhood growth, making Columbia Heights one of the most densely populated areas in Washington D.C with more than 711,571 residents in 2019 within a 10-minute walk.

With the city government and developers working hand in hand, a myriad of new projects were carried out in less than a decade, including the rapid construction of a brand new community center. Several large apartment buildings were constructed, along with the renovation of the Giant supermarket, re-establishment of the Tivoli Theatre, as well as plenty of new retail spaces. This breath of energy has sparked excitement and made way for plenty of opportunities in Columbia Heights.

A Multi-faceted Community

Just a quick walk around the community will show the diversity of the neighborhood, showcasing a wide range of backgrounds and income levels. Historically, the community has had a strong African American and Latin presence, which still holds true to this day. However, hipster and modern youth communities are also present, as well as a growing population of young professionals tempted by the opportunities provided by the area’s recent development. Choosing to live in Columbia Heights puts you in close proximity to the Columbia Heights Metro station, as well as a number of buses running through the city.

The neighborhood is still evolving, with old historic buildings housing the third generation of Columbia Heights residents, right next to modern condo projects such as 2618 University Place NW is filled with young professionals hurrying away to downtown core every morning. The dynamic mix of people and surroundings provides tons of different housing opportunities, ranging from century-old townhouses to modern single bedroom apartments in the more recently developed areas.